Earl Hall : Columbia University 1970

First Sarbojonin Durga Puja & Sharod Utsav in USA

Building Community & Bonding People for Five Decades.

Since the beginning in 1970, this grand socio-cultural celebration of Pan Indian  heritage, tradition & ethnicity has really extended beyond the flavor of Bengal. Our founders started this event in 1970 at EARL Hall of Columbia university, since then this organization has been celebrating autumn festival every year except in 2020 due to the pandemic. This has become possible because of strong community support and bonding. Such a celebration was first of its kind in North America by diaspora Indian community .

ECDPA Sharod Utsav contributes immensely to feelings of social cohesion, involving community elders, sharing stories and experiences; setting templates for maintaining unity among families. Our Festival is open to everybody, it brings us together in a bond of love, irrespective of colour, creed, race and religion .

Such an event increases cultural, literary, and musical awareness among young people. It also, provides a platform for promoting, learning of Indian performing arts and music. This kind of celebration also enrichs the multicultural fabric of New York and of USA by introducing Indian musical and dance forms to American society.

Today ECDPA Sharod Utsav – Durga Puja or Indian Autumn festival is one of the biggest events attended by Bengali and Indian community in New York. ECDPA conducts and presents many more shows and events throughout the year which showcase Indian art, culture, performing arts, and literary works.

The entire public event, celebration, and festival is totally community centric. We are bonding people and building community for five decades. It is always our pleasure to invite entire south east Asian community, Indian , Bangladeshi among.

Mission :: Vision :: Value

Mission Statement

The ethnolinguistic cultural identity of Bengal is at the core of our
existence and identity. Our mission is to build an embracing community of Bengali
diaspora driven by a common purpose and passion. Our aim is to enrich our society in
North America by promoting our art, heritage, culture, and rich traditions.

Vision Statement

Celebrate and explore our art, culture, music, and literature. Enhance, improve, and
uplift the quality and well-being of the community by celebrating the noble aspects of life.

Value Statement

We are an inclusive and cohesive organization involving the larger Bengali community,
where we treat our fellow members with dignity, and respect. We encourage and provide an open
and liberal platform to community members to express their ideas, views, and thoughts on art, culture,
lifestyle, and social matters and contribute to a progressive society.

Legal Identity

East Coast Durga Puja Association Inc. is a New York state registered non profit corporation.
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East Coast Durga Puja Association Inc. is a IRS Tax exempt 501c3 corporation.
Therefore all donors and sponsors can take a charitable deduction under IRS.

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brand name of the organization is patented and trade marked under USPTO of US government. Reg No—5462260;
Under class –41; first use in commerce –1st oct 1970.
This registration gives the ECDPA absolute right to use the name across the USA.

Under New York State

Under New York state service mark registration “ECDPA—East Coast Durga Puja Association” is registered
and protected in state of New York. Registration No S23947.date of first used 1st oct 1970.

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