Philanthropic Initiative of ECDPA

ECDPA New York has been working with and serving the New York community for half a century and would like to extend our support and commitment to the society we live in. it is our sincere endeavor at ECDPA to promote and facilitate philanthropic activities to build resilient, equitable, and inclusive communities in North America, India, and Southeast Asia.

ECDPA covid care response

ECDPA has generously contributed in the past to disaster relief programs both in America and India. notably during the height of the covid 19 pandemic ECDPA provided both material and manpower support to provide food delivery to seniors of our community confined to their homes.The objective of the ECDPA Covid-19 response was to address and stand by the most vulnerable and most important sections of our system and society like elderly people, people in need, healthcare workers, first responders, EMS people, and law enforcement personnel.

  • Free Meals for First responders, EMS personnel, law enforcement officers, & health care workers.
  • Free Meals for unattended senior people who need assistance and are locked inside the home
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